About Hollistic®

Hollistic® is an organization focused on building a Humanity Development Ecosystem and operating with a broad vision of IP Impact, i.e., developing intellectual property to maximize humanitarian impact. Our multi-dimensional approach is prevalent within our company’s DNA, with our platform being structured as a five-segment entity, each representing a unique area of business:

Content: Developing and distributing various forms of content to help people improve the quality of their lives

Products: Retailing of product merchandise for the purpose of promoting the upliftment of humanity and improvement of life

Services: Offering multi-dimensional education, certification, and franchising services in conjunction with our global network of partners to help transform individuals and organizations

Ventures: Building out humanity-oriented ventures that can make a substantial difference in the lives of people

Capital: Investing of conscious capital in people, ideas, and projects that create a positive impact on society

Using the medium of “H-Love," Hollistic® is committed to the ideal of serving as the “World’s Backup,” emphasizing our unconditional availability for all beings. Our loftiest common goal in our work is to enable ourselves and others to see, think, feel, and live with our hearts at the center of all that we do.