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Multi-Dimensional Coaching Services

Hollistic offers customized Multi-Dimensional Coaching Services to our individual and organizational clients. Each of these services uses our HCLOE™ program as the foundation, which is further elaborated below:

Hollistic Core Life and Organizational Education (HCLOE™)

Hollistic Core Life and Organizational Education (HCLOE™) is our most diverse and comprehensive educational material in the area of human development. The program is crafted using our Hollistic Mind-Heart-Zen Technique (HMHZT™), which is a form of meditation and communication used towards complete internal integration. The program material comprises five core themes, each expressed at both the individual and organizational level. The material incorporates elements from the creative arts, such as poetry, music, dance, movement, gameplay, and more, that we believe to be crucial to both personal and professional life improvement. Further, the HCLOE™ program is customizable to serve more specialized segments, including the technology, investment, aerospace, retail, and other service industries.

Self/Org (Module 1):

One may say that the primary focus in life improvement work is improvement of the "Self," i.e. personal development. Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to and care for each aspect of one's self, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our work on the "Self" helps you deeply explore and implement learnings from all these areas in your life. The organizational equivalent of this module is named “Org.” Through “Org” work, an organization can evaluate its own values, purpose, mission, and vision, and draw out plans to align with its highest existential understanding of itself.

Perspective/Strategy (Module 2):

How do you look at unexpected events that occur in your life? Do you take them in stride or fear that they will change your life for the worse? By working with “Perspective,” you can shift the way you respond to events which may not be in your control, while enabling yourself to re-focus and better manage those which are. The organizational equivalent of this module is named “Strategy.” At the organizational level, “Strategy” can assist with seeing situations in a new light and addressing challenges in innovative ways. By defining strategies for re-evaluating and flexibly responding to new situations, as well as proactively planning for a wide range of changes, “Strategy” can help your organization re-define its outlook and foster progress and growth.

People/Market (Module 3):

We are happiest when we have positive and fulfilling relationships with the people in our lives. Through “People” work, learn how to deal with people and better navigate through both simple and more challenging relationships in your life. “People” can take your experiences with others to higher levels by improving inter-personal skills. The organizational equivalent of this module is named “Market,” which focuses on client relationships and how to maximize customer satisfaction at all levels of the organization. With “Market,” learn how to best define and manage the full range of communication and interaction between your organization and your market, whether that be your clients, partners, investors, or any other type of audience.

Communication/Collaboration (Module 4):

The key to better relationships is improved communication amongst all parties. Learning to understand what to say to whom, when, how, and in what context, can be a key differentiator in the perception of information and the response to an encounter. Working with “Communication” can help you achieve greater control over the quality of your interactions with the people in your life. The organizational equivalent of this module is named “Collaboration.” Because an organization is composed of different, inter-related parts, working together is crucial for maximizing productivity and efficiency within the organization. By considering the ways in which each part of the whole organization can best interact with the others, “Collaboration” can help you maximize the flow of cooperation and efficiency at all levels of the organization.

World/Impact (Module 5):

Understanding how the world works by using information from your surroundings can be very important in decision-making and moving through your day-to-day life with greater ease and success. Through working with “World,” learn how to read the environment’s various signs and cues to live with greater flow and connection with your surroundings. The organizational equivalent of this module is named “Impact,” which aims to help you get in touch with the effects of your organization on the broader world. With this understanding, you will be able to maximize your organization’s positive impact, whether social or environmental, while minimizing negative impact of various forms, and thereby optimize your organization’s collective value to its stakeholders.

Level 0: Recommendation Services (Hollistic® Recommended)

Through our recommendation services, select individuals and organizations offering exceptional services in any field can sign up to become Hollistic® Recommended. Individuals and organizations present their existing services, displaying extraordinary quality standards and the ability of meeting high customer expectations, and receive our feedback to become Hollistic® Recommended and display the corresponding credential along with their branding material. This service is offered at no charge and candidacy is determined through a single online session where the proposed service offerings are presented. Each Hollistic® Recommended individual and organization would also be listed on our website for verification purposes. Become one of the select Hollistic® Recommended individuals or organizations and attract a new segment of highly discerning customers to your offerings.

Focus A: Individual Recommendation
Focus B: Organizational Recommendation

Free and Highly Selective (Hollistic® Recommended)*

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Level I: Coaching Services (Hollistic® Coached)

Learn about each area of our five-module HCLOE™ program for individuals or organizations, displayed as Individual/Organization, which includes Self/Org, Perspective/Strategy, People/Market, Communication/Collaboration, and World/Impact. Go deeper with our coaches, focusing on your selected individual modules or organizational modules, that is of greater interest or importance to you. They will help expand your knowledge, so you can use these new concepts, tools, and techniques to help yourself, as well as others, succeed in future life and work challenges. We offer coaching services in several core categories, with examples of each provided in the table below. In addition, we offer generalized advising, mentoring, consulting, counseling, sound-boarding, and multi-dimensional assessment, among other methodologies of learning and development. Each Hollistic® Coached individual receives our certificate of completion.

Individual Coaching includes Personal Coaching, Consulting, Advisory, and Development Services:

It's easier now than ever before to seek guidance in any area of life. Using carefully selected individual elements from our five-module HCLOE™ program, a professional coach will work with you to help transform the way you think about yourself and your life. The sessions are tailored to your specific needs, using multiple methods of facilitation, both theoretical and experiential, to improve your own understanding and management of life's challenges. After evaluating your case over a consultative call and working with you over one or more free-flowing one-on-one sessions, our aim is to leave you in a transformed state of mind with your true and best self. Each Hollistic® Coached individual receives our certificate of completion.

Organizational Coaching includes Business, Executive, Group Coaching, Consulting, Advisory, and Development Services:

With organizational coaching, consulting, and our theme-based seminars/workshops, we focus on coaching for groups and organizations, using our five-module HCLOE™ program and a customized plan to help address all of the group's or organization's needs. Our group and organizational sessions are facilitated by a hand-picked group of coaches from our coaching network and are structured as exploratory, brainstorming, experiential conversation spaces that encompass diverse areas. Learning about your own goals as well as those of your organization and team, using the magical craft of coaching, can enhance your experience in a completely different way. Our goal is for each person to leave the session energized with enough learning, ideas, tools, and techniques to apply in their personal lives as well as their groups and organizational settings well into the future. Each Hollistic® Coached individual receives our certificate of completion.

Focus A: Individual Coaching
Focus B: Organizational Coaching

Fees of $500 per person per half-day package (Hollistic® Coached)*

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Level II: Certification Services (Hollistic® Coached, Hollistic® Certified)

Through our certification services, any individual or organization can sign up to become Hollistic® Certified. Individuals go through training of the individual elements, while organizations, through one or more of their representatives, go through training of the organizational elements of our five-module HCLOE™ program. Individuals can offer Hollistic® Certified coaching to their own client-base, while organizations can become Hollistic® Certified and grow their offerings, meet rigorous quality standards and high customer expectations, and display the corresponding credential along with their branding material. This service is offered as a one-time fee and includes training and certification over 5 consecutive half-day sessions. Each Hollistic® Certified individual and organization would also be listed on our website for verification purposes. Become one of the select Hollistic® Certified individuals or organizations and grow your life and your business multi-dimensionally.

Focus A: Individual Certification
Focus B: Organizational Certification

Fees of $2,500 per person per 5-half-day package (Hollistic® Coached, Hollistic® Certified)*

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Level III: Franchising Services (Hollistic® Coached, Hollistic® Certified, Hollistic-X™ Franchisee)

Through our franchising services, you or your organization can join our Retail Franchise Network to receive our training and offer your own products and services under our franchise name, "Hollistic-X™" which may be displayed with our website address along with your branding material. The "X" in Hollistic-X™ stands for "Extension," signifying that the franchisee is an extension of our own brand, processes, and quality standards. Your Hollistic-X™ franchisee would be listed on our website for verification purposes, and promoted through our Retail Franchise Network, which can help bring new customers to your franchisee location. This service is offered as an annual license with a revenue-share arrangement and includes training and certification over 5 consecutive half-day sessions. Sign-up to become a Hollistic-X™ franchisee and take your life and your business to the next level.

Focus A: Individual Franchising
Focus B: Organizational Franchising

Fees of $5,000 per annual license plus a percentage of all revenues earned by the franchisee (Hollistic® Coached, Hollistic® Certified, Hollistic-X™ Franchisee)*

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*Sessions: We suggest discussing your needs with us on larger or more complex projects, prior to booking a session.

*Special Rates: Contact us with proof of School, College, University, NGO (Non-Profit), Student, Low Income, or H-Love Certified status, to receive our special discounted rates.

Our Coaching Methodologies:

Developmental Coaching

Educational Coaching

Industrial Coaching

Personal Development:

  • Life skills training
  • Re-alignment, re-balancing, and re-softening
  • Increasing awareness around important issues
  • Positive and constructive social dynamics coaching
  • Rehabilitative training, addiction, and habit change techniques
  • Meta learning, meditation, mindfulness, and balance training
  • Zen and spiritual coaching
  • Duality and integration coaching
  • Thought and emotional regulation with decision-making coaching
  • Alignment coaching and solutioning

Education and Research:

  • Educational policy review, analysis, and development
  • Learning design, curriculum planning, and pedagogic techniques
  • Learner variability design and systems planning
  • Educator, trainer, and teacher coaching
  • Academic application and scholarship guidance
  • Multi-disciplinary academic introductory coaching, learning, and tutoring assistance and guidance
  • Research agenda planning and design

Industry and Government:

  • Association and trade body coaching
  • Legal and political coaching
  • Innovating for government, military, police, forensic, investigation, legal, and emergency services
  • Aerospace and aviation ground instruction

Professional Development:

  • Improving collaboration and presentation skills
  • Application, profile, and portfolio advisory, filtering, and review
  • Video-based coaching evaluation, feedback, and corrective methods
  • Social communication and improvisation
  • Body language improvement
  • Communication and speech quality enhancement

Safety and Security:

  • Real world and online privacy and security techniques
  • Spatial and temporal lockdown methods
  • Investigative and intelligence methods
  • Crime pre-emption policy and methods
  • Rescue strategy and coaching for cyber, relational, and other types of non-emergency attacks
  • Health and emergency skills training

Business and Technology:

  • Investment portfolio analysis and planning
  • Capital raising strategy
  • Negotiation, mediation, escalation, and related skills
  • Documentation methods
  • Terms and privacy simplification methods
  • Risk mitigation and anti-bias coaching
  • Simulation coaching
  • Lean and agile coaching methodologies

Organizational Development:

  • Organizational vision and business model analysis, planning, and design
  • Business and non-profit ideation and innovation
  • Strategic planning and support
  • Operational analysis and re-structuring
  • Multi-dimensional solution design
  • Multi-purpose program, project, policy, and protocol design
  • Best practices and standards development
  • Resource re-allocation and organizational growth and expansion planning
  • Innovation and advocacy
  • Team building

Activism, Impact, Sustainability:

  • Human, animal, and environmental rights
  • Activism, petitioning, and social movements advocacy
  • Social impact and environmental sustainability planning

Media and Entertainment:

  • Entertainment ideation
  • Storyline crafting
  • Media relations coaching

Service Partnerships: We invite coaches and related professionals to explore working with us to create new programs and promote the introduction of new theories, concepts, and ideas in this unlimited and ever-growing space. Our programs would be targeted towards larger group coaching projects, both online and in the real world, in the form of project assignments, group discussions, thematic presentations, educational seminars, individual assessments, health and wellness retreats, and other such modalities. Our coaching partnership model is based on revenue-sharing amongst coaches, as well as with service promoters.

Coaches, related professionals, and educational service promoters wishing to discuss coaching project work or promotion may reach us through our Application Form.